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Jan Vig’s Résumé – Cover Letter




Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a highly-experienced and professional manager, with a strong background in Project Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Business, Intelligence, CRM,  E-Learning, Knowledge Management and Internet Marketing.
I offer you professional risk management, intelligence, marketing, organization, project management skills I’ve gained from different projects, personal – and organization development, web development, and consultant business.With my experience, skills and interests within the combination of Enterprise Risk Management,
Business Iintelligence, CRM, E-Learning, Knowledge Management and Internet Marketing customer relationship is my focus.
I am studying, practicing and implementing the different techniques within this field in my spare time and on the job. I offer you self-motivation as well.

As you will see in my Electronic Résumé, I have successfully held positions ranging from senior to manager.



I have been involved in several start-ups, where I have gained valuable experiences in the field of Enterprise Risk Management, Web Development, Knowledge Management, E-Business Strategy, Internet Marketing and Intelligence.

I have several years extensive experience with the multinational company Siemens AG, Germany.

My last position by Siemens AS was General Manager for an Internal Group of Consultants.
Here I was responsible for several organization development projects.

Throughout my career within the Siemens Group worldwide I have been involved in a lot of management activities, organization development, strategic planning, marketing, controlling, finance, IT and accounting activities.

I was adviser for the Director for Human Resources in Coca Cola Beverage Norway as an independent consultant. We were working with the strategic development and integration of CCBN as a learning organization in connection with the Human Resource Handbook for managers as I was developing, writing and implementing on CCBN’s Intranet.

I have been owner together with some other people in the Company 1to1 Scandinavia AS, which was a company involved in E-Business Iintelligence, CRM, E-Learning, Knowledge Management, Web Development and Internet Marketing.

Today I am the owner of the company Simplify which has the focus of Enterprise Risk Management and Business Intelligence  simplified. Further is the focus on Simplify Your Life, Slow Down Your Life and Balance Your Life, the softer side of the development.

My foreign experience consist of:

  • Approx. 3 years in the main office of Siemens AG, Germany, one of which as trainee, the other two as controller.
  • Approx. 4 years in Nigeria in a Siemens subsidiary as Manager for Finance, Import, Accounting and Data Processing Section.

I am a proven team leader and problem solver with highly developed analytical, organizational, communications and strategic planning skills. Furthermore I have been told that I am a result oriented, trustworthy, persistent. service oriented, creative, diplomatic and enthusiastic person with special interest and ability in Enterprise Risk Management, IT, Business intelligence, e-Business, CRM, marketing, organizational and Human Resource Development.

References and work samples are available on request. In the meantime, please see my information.


For more information, please see my Electronic Résumé by clicking on a target one section at a time.



If you wish to contact me, please send an e-mail.


Thanks for your time and consideration.


Jan Vig

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Information and Communication Technology



Hvis du har noen spørsmål eller ønsker å vite mer om Intelligence Resource kan du bruke kontaktmulighetene nedenfor:



ORG.NR: 977 505 992

Jan Vig
Daglig leder

Kirkeveien 35, NO-1710, SARPSBORG
Mobile : +47 414 43 727
Web: , ,


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